As part of the opening night NINE of the Prague Open Dance Festival (PODF), September 11, 2020, you can look forward to the linking of 9 modern art muses. Dancing, as one of the muses, will be represented by 9 best couples from all over the world to show you breathtaking shows. You can look forward to a total of 9 World and European Dance Champions. Music and singing, as another muse, will weave through the evening and you can look forward to the voice of Dasha. In addition, even the audience will get space to dance. The whole evening will be hosted by the moderator Jaroslav Kuneš & Petra Kostovčíková. Last but not least be amazed by a unique glass exhibition of Gordana glass - top world glass artist with her reconizable style. 



Dasha is a famous Czech singer and musical actress. In 2010 she won the Thalia Prize for her role as Mary Magdalene in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. You can also know her as a soloist from Moondance Orchestra. Together with the band, they starred in all the popular television programs of Czech Television StarDance - When the Stars Dance. On Friday you will be able to listen to her with the band Pájky Pájk.

In 1997 she released her first album Dasha… in the Duvets (1997) and in 2017 the album Finally.

Prostor pro tanec
Prostor pro tanec

Time For Dance

Even the audience will get the chance to dance. Who wouldn't want to dance after admiring the best dancers all night. The whole dance floor will be free for you and you can try it before the sporting dance competitions break out on it on Saturday and Sunday. Singer Dasha who sang to dancers on the StarDance TV show will sing to you.

Jaroslav Kuneš

Jaroslav Kuneš was a very successful professional dancer. He graduated from the Theater Faculty in Brno and then devoted himself fully to dance. He is currently passing on his experience to other dance couples as a coach. You can also know Jaroslav from the TV show StarDance or Bailando. Among other things, he enjoys moderating.

Petra Kostovčíková

Petra Kostovčíková was one of the most successful Czech dancers. She became Czech champion, but also vice-champion of Germany with her German partner in Latin American dances. She has also achieved significant international success. You can know Petra as a dancer from the StarDance TV show or as a Bailando juror.

na šířku - Gordana Glass
na šířku - Gordana Glass

Gordana Glass

Under the brand of Gordana Glass is hidden a top world glass artist who is known around the world for her unique style. Last 20 years she dedicated her life for glass craftsmenship and she achieved many great awards and she participated countless worldwide exhibitions. Noble people like Elizabeth II.Benedikt XVI. or prince of Norwegian and Monaco, Herbie Hancock, Larry King and many others are honored owners of her artistic pieces. 

"Painting with precious metals fullfills me, pure gold and platinum in fine interplay with white, water turquoise and noble purple. This is me, glass is my soul."

There is always an unique piece with precious certificate and you can see her atelier right here in Prague in "Dušní" street or in capital city of Slovakia - Bratislava, where she lives. And of course during the whole event of Prague Open Dance Festival at the venue. 

Latin Couples

Several world champions will show you unique shows in Latin dances. You can look forward to the following couples:

  • Victor Da Silva & Anna Melnikova
  • Pavel Zvychaynyy & Oxana Lebedew
  • coming soon
Victor and Anna (2)
Victor and Anna (2)

Victor Da Silva & Anna Melnikova

  • They started dancing together in 2017 and since then they have been performing shows all around the world.
  • Victor is multiple World Champion in Exhibition show and participant of many TV show such as Dancing With Stars, Strictly Come Dancing BBC, So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Anna is World Champion in latin, finalist of professional category and as well World Champion in Showdance. 
Pavel Zvychaynyy Oxana Lebedew
Pavel Zvychaynyy Oxana Lebedew

Pavel Zvychaynyy & Oxana Lebedew

  • 2 years dancing together
  • representing Germany, dancing in WDC
  • German Champions, World Showdance Champions, Semifinalist of Blackpool Dance festival in Professionals

Ballroom couples

Even standard couples do not stay behind in the number of world champions and you can look forward to the following couples:

  • Dmitry Zharkov & Olga Kulikova
  • Madis Abel & Aleksandra Galkina
  • coming soon

Dmitry Zharkov & Olga Kulikova

  • 15 years dancing together
  • representing Russia, dancing in WDSF
  • 5 times Russian Champions, 3 times World and European Champions
Madis Abel Aleksandra Galkina
Madis Abel Aleksandra Galkina

Madis Abel & Aleksandra Galkina

  • 6 years dancing together
  • representing Estonia, dancing in WDSF
  • 2 times European Youth Champions, Under 21 World Champions, European finalists